TOP 5: Best Video Editing Software For YouTube 2017 (Free & Paid)

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    TOP 5: Best Video Editing Software For YouTube (Free & Paid)
    ►Windows Movie Maker [Windows Users]
    ★Free Download:

    ►iMovie [Apple Users]
    ★Free Download:

    ★Free Download:

    ►Premiere Pro CC
    ★International Subscriptions -

    ►Sony Vegas Pro 13
    ★US Prices -
    ★International Prices -

    ►Adobe After Effects CC
    ★International Subscriptions -

    Great Article On The Best Video Editing Software's For YouTube:

    Hey guys in this video we're breaking down the top 5 best video editing software's on the market this year.

    We broke this video down in two sections, free editing software's and paid editing software's so regardless of whether you're looking for a long term solution or a quick for a video you want to make we'll included an option for you.

    Before choosing to purchase any video editing software it is important to note that depending on the OS you are using (Windows or iOS) you may or may not want to choice a different editing software.

    Before downloading make sure that the software you choose is compatible with the video Operating System you're currently using.
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    Video Sources:
    Windows Movie Maker
    Premiere Pro CC
    Sony Vegas Pro 13
    Adobe After Effects CC

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