Monday, 11 April 2011

DJ Fresh... Future Jungle

Now everyone should be familiar with one of the biggest names in Drum and Bass by now? After his huge singles Hypercaine, the Top 10 smasher Gold Dust, and the epic Lassitude, Fresh is back with something just a little bit more than interesting for the ear?

Future sounds from one of the most essential artists of our times, DJ Fresh is ready to release his latest Future Jungle EP to the world via the enigmatic Ram Records, who continue to set the trends and put out the biggest tunes of the moment.

You can grab previews of all of the tunes on the EP below, believe us when we say you are about to be amazed, also grab a copy of the release on iTunes below.

Fresh - Future Jungle EP by RAM Records

Monday, 28 March 2011


Ministry of Sound and Levels Recordings are building up to the release of argurably the biggest intrumental of 2010, Badman Riddim, from the multi-talented Dutch DJ / producer Vato Gonzalez, with vocals from the supremely talented Foreign Beggars.

In recent years Vato Gonzalez he has built a label, event and music genre called ‘Dirty House’. Foreign Beggars are a critically acclaimed rap group from London, the group won ‘Best New Act’ at the 2004 UK Hip Hop awards.

Badman Riddim has knocked up an awesome 1.5million views on YouTube and gained support from Radio 1 heavyweights Annie Mac and Zane Lowe and now we're happy to bring you a free download of the massive remix headed up by underground duo Tru_Fix & Thunderskank.

Producer and DJ, Tru_Fix has spent the past two years honing his production skills at MI7 Records - from his first love Drum & Bass. With Milton Keynes based dubstep producer Tunderskank they have produced an unmistakably heavy, fast paced, bass driven mix that will leave you utterly speechless!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

They dont call him The Executioner for nothing: Andy C Interview

The one and only ANDY C destroyed the dance floor at the UTR Valentines Rave, and after skanking out hard to a rowdy headline set UTR caught up with the undisputed king of drum and bass as he made his way out of Ministry's mixing booth.

And for a man responsible for one of the biggest labels and club night in the game, with millions of devoted fans in every country where the 170bpm bassline has left its mark, as well as the most fearsome reputation as a mixer going, he is nothing but a straight up geezer...

So Andy, having met you before at your label night Ram at matter me and my friends were surprised by how happy you were to natter away to punters making as little sense as we were. Do you really love us all that much?

At the end of the day I appreciate anyone who comes wanting to have a party and get down. Obviously you know that I started out raving myself many moons ago, and Ive been lucky enough to end up on the other side of things. I just enjoy it! I always get a vibe off the crowds when theyre enjoying themselves, when I see them dancing at a night like tonight Im buzzing.

You seemed like you were really enjoying yourself behind Ministry's decks tonight, what do you think of these events compared to raves you normally play?

I absolutely love playing for UTR! The crowd are into the music soo much, UTR nights are always jam-packed. What could be better than bringing in a new generation who are excited to be a part of the music weve loved for years. At events like tonight everyone is going crazy and thats what I love to see.

I read a recent interview by some fool who asked you when youre going to hang up your boots, why would you ever do such a thing??

Ha, I know man I'm fighting the cause! It's good to still be going because I love it... At a time when drum and bass is having such an incredible resurgence this is no time to think about getting out.

RAM has got some exciting new acts on the roster, it's obvious that you guys have been getting excited by the year of the dark side of drum and bass that was 2010?

Those dark flavours are coming through very strong and we've got a bunch of new artists signed who are smashing it in that area. It's very exciting because music goes in cycles and we've got a brand new form right here that is inspiring a lot of new work. We've got the likes of Wilkinson, Culture Shock, Delta Heavy, DC Breaks, Hamilton, Basha, theres a lot of people and theyre all making great music, it's looking strong and we've got a release coming out every two weeks for pretty much rest of the year.

How much do you worry about getting them releases out quickly before they get leaked to the file-sharing public?

We always like to get em out quick! But its more down to the artist and the process they go through when they're finishing tracks off. Theres no point in holding back the music for no reason so we put it out if its ready to go. We had Nightlife 5 out at the end of last year, which was a great opportunity to showcase some of our new artists' work.

People are very excited about the fundamentals of dnb at the moment. It's a unique energy thing... we did a night at Fabric a couple of weeks ago that was bigger than anything we could have envisaged, 4000 people all having it!

And how has the move to Fabric worked out for RAM?

When I get given the figures on a Monday after the gig I can't even believe that you can fit that many people inside fabric. I'm very conscious of the fact that people need some space to dance so I've asked them to put a limit on it!

What is it about your mixing style that has got you this serious nickname?

Well I just like the rotation of having three decks involved, it took me about four or five years to get to the point where I could bring in the double drop technique on the regular. Anyone who knows me knows I like my longer sets where I can really let loose, but events like this one are multi-genre so I can't really ask for the 3 hour set that I like, so here I'm just in, out and onto the next one.


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Skream presents... The Freeizm Album

Gonna keep this short and sweet as I have to get back to my xmas celebrations with the famo. However, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to drop an amazing heads up from Skream, who today gave away 13 tracks for FREE, just in time for me to open my stocking.

If anyone still questions this man as a producer and as a thoroughly nice gentleman, then please slap yourself and see sense.
Download link below, enjoy it and Merry Christmas from everyone at UTR!

1. Intro
2. No Ready
3. Cold Outside
4. 10 Bit Dreamz
5. Minor
6. Back From The Zoo
7. Krazy Snares
8. Lightnin VIP
9. Left The Room
10. Commercial SellOut
11. CTO
12. Skwelcha
13. Emotional Shizzle

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday morning blues...

Here's a beautiful little tune I recently found up for FREE download from Absent Dubstep, a cover of Krystal Warren's 2009 number titled Circles.

Circles (Absent Re-Step) - Krystle Warren **Free 320 Download** by Absentdubstep

Saturday, 4 December 2010

UTR advent calendar #1, #2, #3 & #4

Every day this month we'll be hitting you up with a new FREE download from some of the UKs most exciting producers currently at work today, as part of the UTR advent calendar in the run up to Christmas. Apologies for the first four coming at you all at once, but still four FREE downloads, what more could you ask for on the weekend! Our first four downloads come from the true Kings of Dubstep... Skream and Benga.

Yesterday we hit you up with a massive new tune from Benga, titled Acid Lie. A new direction for one of the pioneers of the scene that in the last couple of years has truly taken the world by storm with its aggressive beats and brash structure. Transforming the dance music world forever.

One aspect of production I've always wanted to see in Dubstep is artists incorportating sounds of the past into their music. Earlier this year we heard Doctor P shoot to stardom with Sweet Shop, with its 4x4/piano stab build up and classic dubstep drop.

Here's another MONSTER tune from Benga which was the first tune he played at his recent set @ UTR's Halloween bash. As yet on an unknown label and without a release date.

Today, Benga aims to change the stereotype of what Dubstep is to most people; a half time beat, and an LFO. He's embarking on a journey of production which is fresh, exciting and most importantly forward thinking. Dark sounds and dark beats, just how we like it here at UTR.

We're able to bring you two new downloads from Benga and two downloads from Skream, please as always, enjoy them, and play them LOUD!

Friday, 3 December 2010

NEW Benga...

Re-evaluate your understanding of what Dubstep is...

Because this is MASSIVE!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Release of the Week... MUMDANCE

New feature here coming at you every Tuesday, showcasing our latest release of the week. Today it comes from London bass producer Mumdance who we showcased last week in our Daily Download, with his So Squalid Instrumental, which samples the classic 21 Seconds from So Solid Crew, which you can grab for FREE below along with another tune titled Kerplunk.

This week, he's back with a top new release on Grime label No Hats No Hoods, his first for the rising London based label and collective. With the vocal talents of fellow NHNH's artists Trim and Jammer on the mic this was sure to be something special.

Back in the summer Mumdance put out his Different Circles mixtape, which you can also grab from a past artist feature on the man. Showcasing cultured and worldly sounds from around the spectrum of bass music, this mixtape was a real eye opener for me on what to expect from Mumdance in the future.

I've had my eye on him since his early days, when he mainly used to release only remixes, most notably of The Whip's Divebomb, Gucci Mane's I Be Everywhere, and Santigold's Creator.

He also went on to collaborate with Belgium's techno prince Brodinski with Eurostarr getting released on Fatboy Slim's Southern Fried Records, and New York based producer AC Slater, whose Transatlantic Riddim featuring 77 Klash and Badness was released earlier this year on Drop The Lime's Trouble & Bass Recordings.

The Terahtid EP is out now to buy from the following retailers, we really suggest you give this one a go. Fun and furious Grime is hard to fine in one release. Check out the B-side below and grab it from... iTunesBoomkat and Juno Download.

Mumdance ft Trim - Wht Ima Say Nex by mumdance

Also keep up to date with Mumdance from the following places...

Official Mumdance

Friday, 26 November 2010

UTR MicroMix #01 - Vesper

Today we're launching a new series of exclusive short mixes from UTR & Mashed Up resident DJs and up and coming producers from around the UK.
We'll be exploring the time honoured traditions of the past and more modern styles of dance music that have helped shape the musical landscape of British contemporary culture in London and throughout the UK.
Each mix will serve as a small glimpse at into where each DJ and/or artist sees their direction heading right now.

First up we have Vesper whose had a steady to prominence over the past 18 months, being deeply involved in UTR's evolution as an dance institution for the youth of today.
As well as helping to recommend the newest cutting edge artists for UTR, he's also helped to push current and forward thinking underground sounds in his DJ sets at UTR and Mashed Up nights.

Here he presents the first edition of our new series, a short 15 minute journey through a new (or rather older) sound sweeping through the UK underground right now. A sound that at the same time has already crossed over to the mainstream and entered the UK charts.

In the mid to late 1990s a new, hybrid sound was born out of the Acid-House and Techno scenes of the late 80s in the UK, comprising primarily of 4x4 rhythms, but layered with lairy and prominent breakbeats. This was at the time coined as Breakbeat Hardcore, a sound which eventually went on to spawn the sounds of UK Garage and ultimately the modern Grime and Dubstep scenes we know of today.

This mix showcases a modern twist on the sound, a more bassline driven take on the typically breakbeat rhythm, featuring some of the most forward thinking producers of the past few years.
What is surprising about the resurgence in this sound is the how producers from a variety of scenes have looked to put their own twist on the sound. Artists from the Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, UK Funky,  House and Techno scenes are all going a little bit old skool on us.

A refreshing take on a classic British sound, with Vesper showcasing the best of the best. Enjoy and cherish this one, it's a corker!

High Rankin - Flowers On Your Rave
Pyramid - Gunman feat. Banton
RacknRuin - Soundclash feat. Jessie Ware
Shy FX - Raver (Breakage's Pattern Moshino Mix)
Rusko - Kumon Kumon
Redlight - Feel So Good feat. Dread, Zaniah & Redskin
Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Download of the Day #9... MUMDANCE

Earlier this year we introduced you to the fantastic up and coming London producer, Mumdance... Otherwise known to the world as Jack Adams.

Any budding MCs out there should take advantage of jumping on this while it's still hot!

He recently released his debut EP on Diplo's Mad Decent, titled the Mum Decent EP, with full support and praise across the board from DJs in the Dubstep, Grime and Funky scenes.

He's taken one of the most recognisable samples from the UKG world (none other than So Solid Crew's 21 Seconds) and transformed it into a cheeky little Grime/Funky number, which we're able to bring you as a FREE download today.

Definitely keep an eye on this man, he has a forthcoming release with No Hats, No Hoods on the way with collaborations from Trim, Boy Better Know and Jammer... Not one to miss!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Download of the Day #8... DIZZ & DRAZ

Today we've a special bootleg treat for you from down under. A production duo by the name of Dizz & Draz who've reworked the legendary Barbara Streisand into a Drum and Bass monster.

Dizz and Draz hail from Surry Hills in Australia and have been making beats together for just over a year. In that short space of time they've received praise and support from the likes of B. Rich, Jayou, Dem Slackers, Tittsworth, as well as Radio 1 airplay from bass king Kissy Sell Out.

They've also been fortunate enough to play alongside Scottie B, Shadow Dancer, Djedotronic, Mikix The Cat, Kill The Noise and The Bang Gang.

They're currently in the studio working on their original production but have been able to supply the world with a taste of the musical spectrum in the form of several tasty remixes, this being one of the best, with a reworking of the original and Sigma's heavy remix. Perfect house party flavour.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Download of the Day #7... REDLIGHT

Many of you regular UTR heads should be familiar with the sounds of Redlight by now, formally as DJ Clipz a veteran of the Drum and Bass scene, Redlight turned his attention to 130-140bpm tempo music and quickly found himself a niche within todays UK Bass scene.

Effortless fusing the modern sounds of Dubstep, UK Funky, Electro, Grime and some Breakbeat on the side, he's earned the respect of many clubbers throughout the country.

His Lobster Boy EP dropped at the fall of last year, and since then he's gone on to produce music with the likes of Roses Gabor, Ms Dynamite and Mz Bratt. He's formed a collaborative partnership with Steel City's Toddla T as The Roller Express and he's also churned out top remixes for the likes of Donae'o, Kano, Kelly Rowland, Magnetic Man and Zarif with devastating results.

Grab his latest offering from us, a FREE download of his fantastic remix of Breakage's HARD, which featured earlier this year on his exclusive mix for Fact Mag.

Trust us, this is a banger!